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About Us | looking at the name you might think this website is about wishing site, but it is not. is a collection of educational information showcasing important festival events which can educate young students about cultural and traditional identity of India. This site also tells you about great historic personalities of India thus educating young students and people, thus shaping their life.

At the same time this site will help you to express your emotions with others, which most of the people struggle to find and write.We also share motivational quotes, life quotes, love quotes and also friendship quotes, along with festival events.

We have launched in the year 2020. Our goal is to keep this site simple and at the same time unique.


We try to provide article and quotes on this site in multiple languages (English, Marathi, Hindi, Punjabi, kannada). We tried finding quotes in multiple languages but we were not able to find them, so this site is small effort to provide you guys simplicity in finding what you want at one place.


Our site provide you guys with the push which was needed to achieve that goal. It provides you with motivation, hope and power to subdue darkness from your life. If you are demotivated in your life, visit our site it can boost your morale.


In today’s world of cut-throat competition it is very easy for people to get demotivated. Our goal honestly is to help as many people as we can, to get them out of depression, help them with motivation, encourage them so that they can help their friends when they are in need.

There comes a time in each and every persons life when they are demotivated, and people around them cannot help them, at such times just visit to get your dose of motivation.